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International (re)search for sustainable food

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Where in the world do we go (and grow)?

Clemson, South Carolina

Laboratory and Greenhouse


Crops we grow:

Pendelton, South Carolina

Simpson Research Farm is comprised of approximately 2,300 acres located in Pendleton, SC and provides land resources, equipment and livestock for cattle, sheep and agronomic activities. The agronomic programs are driven by research funding and involve biomass, sorghum, soybean, corn and small grain production. Multiple facilities are present on the farm which facilitate small plot agronomic research, large scale production and precision agriculture research, replicated paddocks for grazing research, and individual and group feeding facilities for nutrition and growth research. We use about 10-15 acres annually for genetic studies on many diverse varieties of sorghum (bioenergy and grain) and corn, as well as sweet & grain sorghum hybrid evaluation, population development and heirloom corn evaluation. This year we will also be doing a variety trail on hemp.

Florence, South Carolina

The Pee Dee Research & Education Center (REC) is a 2,300 acre tract of land situated in Florence and Darlington counties. The Center is home to top-quality research in areas that are of particular importance to South Carolina residents. It is an integral part of Clemson University's Public Service activities including the Agricultural Research and Forestry system and the Cooperative Extension Service with twelve resident faculty and fifty support personnel.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

___ acres of land


Crops we grow:


___ acres of land


Crops we grow:

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