Undergraduate Students

Savannah Dale

I am a Plant and Environmental Sciences undergraduate student at Clemson University with a concentration in Agricultural Biotechnology. I began work with the Kresovich lab in May of 2017. I am currently working to compare and improve various in vitro tissue culture protocols in order to create a transformation pipeline for Sorghum bicolor, and I am partnering with Dr. Stephen Kresovich, Dilrukshi Thavarajah, the iF Foundation and CHIBAS to improve the Haitian food system. In the Summer of 2018 I will be participating in the Boyce Thompson Institute-Cornell REU program, working with genomics of fruit ripening int tomatoes. My interests include agronomy, local food systems,  genomics and sustainability, and I want to combine all of these in my future career. After I obtain my undergraduate degree, I hope to work towards a doctorate degree focusing on nutritional genomics. My goal is to not only ensure that people have food security, but to also ensure that they have access to nutritional food by providing the solutions to various health problems through research in nutritional genomics.

Victoria Artigliere

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